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LLC Uralecosoil

LLC Uralecosoil

Russian Federation Member Since: 23 Jul, 2020
17-B, Danila Zverev Street Sverdlovskaya oblast', Yekaterinburg, Russian Federation
Nikolai Maltcev

Business Nature


Legal Status


Year Established


Annual Turnover

1-2M $


Yekaterinburg, Russian Federation

Main Products

humic acid fertilizer, Humimax

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About LLC Uralecosoil

LLC "Uralecosoil" is registered in Yekaterinburg and produce peat-humic preparation Humimax on the basis of potassium humate using their own patented low-temperature technology. All products of the company are certified, permitted for application in Russian Federation and entered the State catalogue of pesticides and agrochemicals, which are recommended for use by russian Ministry of Agriculture. From the date of formation of the company we move steadily and purposefully towards the chosen aim and we are proud that the present LLC "Uralecosoil" is an up-to-date and dynamic enterprise, that is one of the largest manufacturers of agrochemicals produced on the base of humic acids in the Russian Federation.The company has brought into use an exclusive low-temperature technology of production manufacture, which makes it possible to receive an effective and biologically active product.

Products Groups

Humimax (Humic Acid Fertilizer)
Humimax - complex humic fertilizer with microelements. Humimax provides optimal conditions for the growth and development of plants.  Effective for seed and foliar application and protection of plants during the growing season.  
Price: Inquire
1000 Kg (Min. Order)

Overall Ratings

Very Satisfied 22 Reviews
Supplier Service
Very Satisfied
On-time Shipment
Very Satisfied
Product Quality
Very Satisfied
Humimax (Humic Acid Fertilizer)
02 Aug 2020
Humimax (Humic Acid Fertilizer)
4.2 (22 Reviews)

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