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Turkey Member Since: 16 Nov, 2020
Ferhatpasa mh 23 sk No:16 Atasehir Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey
Ozlem Kizilkecili

Business Nature


Legal Status

Private Limited

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Istanbul, Turkey

Main Products

Mortuary Refrigerator, Hospital Furniture, Formalin Neutralization Device, Formalin Dispensing Device

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Payment Terms

Bank wire (T/T)

About Zenon

Zenon designs, develops and manufactures equipment and devices used in pathology laboratories, autopsy rooms and operating rooms

Products Groups

Grossing Workstation
We understand the needs of each pathology professional and, accordingly, with our products with high quality, ergonomics, superior safety and high technology, we offer solutions that are suitable for the workflows required by each laboratory and increase user safety to the maximum level.
$14000 / pcs
1 pcs (Min. Order)
Grossing Workstation from Zenon | Model: GW-69491572 | Price: $14000 Per pcs | Minimum Order Quantity: 1 pcs | Delivery Time: 16-17 Business Days | Shipping Port: Istanbul | Packaging: Standard | Capacity: large | Certification: gsv | Rating: 3.8 (4 reviews).
$14000 / pcs
1 pcs (Min. Order)

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