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Xiamen Metostar Outdoor Products Co.,Ltd


Member Since: 2023
Xiamen, China

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Xiamen, China

Main Products

paddle, kayak, canoe

Payment Terms

Cash, Western Union (WU), PayPal, Credit Card (CC), Bank wire (T/T)

About Xiamen Metostar Outdoor Products Co.,Ltd

We are a woodworking workshop developed due to personal interests, and then developed into a woodworking factory. At the beginning, we only accepted some wooden canoe products of private customization, with small output and slow production. Now we are developing towards mass production and have set up factories. Our CEO Mr. Peter has 10 years of manufacturing experience because he is very interested in canoes. He is not only a wooden canoe enthusiast, but also an expert in playing outdoors, such as mountaineering, golf and so on. The canoes sold by our company are all designed and produced by Mr. Peter himself. He has profound research and understanding on the development, change and progress of wooden canoes. All the production wood is selected from the red cedar imported from Canada to make the canoe light. In addition, we also have other products for travel, such as outdoor waterproof bags, DuPont paper waterproof cosmetic bags, lightweight non-woven fabric bags, and so on. You can not only buy high-quality canoes from us, but also purchase other necessary items for travel together. If you are interested in becoming our distributor, please feel free to contact us. We are preparing to set up distribution points in various countries, looking forward to doing business with you

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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's

You can send your inquiry to us about the products. Our sales representative will contact you within 24 hours to assist you regarding your inquiry.
You can expect a reply from Xiamen Metostar Outdoor Products Co.,Ltd within less than 42h.
We offer an implied warranty that assures all our products and services function in the manner designed to.
We accept payments via Cash, Western Union (WU), PayPal, Credit Card (CC), Bank wire (T/T).
We will begin manufacturing when we receive the agreed upon advance payment. The package will be shipped out after we get your full payment.
Throughout the packing process, preventive measures will be taken so that the goods are in an excellent condition while in transit.

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