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Hong Kong B2B Marketplace – Connect with Leading Manufacturers and Suppliers

Hong Kong is on the eastern side of the Pearl River. It is one of the most dimly populated countries in the world. The country is adjoined with Guangdong province to the north through the city of Shenzhen and the South China Sea to the East-West and South. Hong Kong has occupies an area of 1,108 square kilometers. The total population of the country is 8.3 million approximately. The adult literacy rate of the country is 99.00%. The male literacy rate is 96.9%. The female literacy rate is 89.6%.

According to the Economic Complexity Index (ECI), Hong Kong is the 33rd bulkiest export economy in the world and the 38th most complex economy. Hong Kong B2B marketplace facilitates exports. Recently, the economy generated total revenues from exporting goods of worth $136 B while imported goods of worth $608 B. This results in negative trade equity of $472 B. According to results, the GDP of Hong Kong is $341 B and its GDP per capita is $61.5 k.

The dominant export terminals of Hong Kong are China ($16.4 B), Thailand ($12.5 B), Other Asia ($12 B), India ($10.3 B) and Vietnam ($10.1 B). The dominant import ancestors of Hong Kong are China ($255 B), Singapore ($60.8 B), Other Asia ($40.8 B), South Korea ($34.8 B) and Japan ($32.1 B). The leading major exports of Hong Kong are Gold ($25.6 B), Broadcasting equipment ($12.6 B), Integrated Circuits ($7.53 B), Diamonds ($5.4 B) and Telephones ($3.79 B). The leading major imports of the country are Integrated Circuits ($168 B), Broadcasting Equipment ($45.4 B), Gold ($35 B), Office Machine parts ($28.6 B) and Telephones ($28.1 B).

Hong Kong B2B Marketplace is a Leading Merchandising Platform for Sellers and Buyers

Hong Kong is also an essential entrance for trade and asset to the ample market in Mainland China. Hong Kong's geographical choice as fire stuff to markets in Asia can be seen from its stand as the world's 11th largest trading economy. Hong Kong is identified by business people worldwide to be the best service terrace through which inward stockholders can receive the aids of the constructing powerhouse of the world - the Greater Pearl River Delta. Undeniably over 3, 800 overseas companies with businesses in the district inclusive of Mainland China have called Hong Kong as the place for their provincial central station or offices.

The top logic why many foreigners set up their startups in the city is because Hong Kong charges some of the lowest tax rates in the whole world that fully supplements its certain and simple tax system. Hong Kong is a free port and is driven by principles of free trade and a free market. The country does not apply any restrictions on inward or outward investments. The country is politically stable and allows the free flow of information. The country has a highly trained, well-educated and skilled workforce which allows in the advancement of trading. The country is an essential entrance of trading for many countries and gives a pathway for the transportation of trading. The orderly and active government helps in making the trading fruitful.

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