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Japan B2B Marketplace - Connect with Leading Manufacturers and Suppliers

The nation is recognized for its fast-moving economy and key developments in the past years that have encouraged the economy to embrace innovative technology. In this way, the Japanese have advanced themselves, which not only improved services but many industrial operations as well. With the remarkable economic growth and continuous advancements in the GDP controlling areas, ExportHub is a leading Japan B2B marketplace for competent manufacturers and suppliers who are looking forward to entering the international market. The opportunity is not only adding competitiveness but also provides satisfaction to earn profits. The Japan B2B platform is rich in exclusive B2B services and operations that have encouraged many emerging manufacturers to become a part of it. Today, the international B2B marketplace is leading, and that the buyers are keen to connect with Japanese suppliers.

Japan is an East Asia country, which forms an island chain with the Sea of Japan and the North Pacific Ocean. It enjoys the rank of being the 4th largest island in the world and that it has over 6,500 islands in total. The country lies on the Eastern Coast of the Asian continent. Due to its location in the Pacific Ocean, the Philippine Sea in the south, and the Sea of Okhotsk in the north of the East China Sea. It occupies an area of approximately 377,973 square kilometers. The total population of the country is 126.86 million.

Since Japan is the 4th bulkiest export economy in the world and the most complex economy, Japan exports goods worth $694 B and imports goods worth $632 B. This results in a positive trade balance of $62.4 B. According to reports, the GDP of Japan is $4.87 T and its GDP per capita is $43.3 k.

Japan B2B Marketplace is the Digital Selling Hub for Competent Sellers

Not only does Japan offer a captive audience of 127 million citizens, but it also offers an exciting yet stable business market open to trade and foreign investment. Globally competitive, especially in the fields of environment, healthcare, IT, and automotive, Japan's huge economy already boasts an established base of the world's top companies.

Japan's economy has moved from manufacturing towards offering services globally. Its companies have successfully connected with countries of Southeast Asia as pools of low-cost labor. The change to a more service economy also shows changing tastes of Japanese consumers. Japan is densely populated, and it is the eighth-most populated nation in the world. The amount of land in Japan for agriculture does not produce enough for Japan's large population. As a result, Japan imports most of its food from other countries.

Japan has a highly developed, the modern infrastructure of roads, highways, railroads, subways, airports, harbors, warehouses, and telecommunications for the distribution of many goods and services. Japan has over 20 ports and 5 international airports. Tokyo International Airport (HND) and Narita International Airport (NRT) are the two major airports in the Tokyo region, while Osaka International Airport (ITM) and Kansai International Airport (KIX) are the two major airports serving the Osaka region of Japan. Japan's ports, airports, and import processing are well organized and efficient.

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