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Iran is a part of Western Asia. It is ranked as 18th most crowded country in the world and second bulkiest country in the Middle East. The country is adjoined by the Caspian Sea to the north, Turkmenistan to the northeast, Afghanistan and Pakistan to the east, Armenia to the northwest and Turkey and Iraq to the west. The country closes a total area of 1,648,195 square kilometers. The totalize population of the country is 81.16 million approximately. The literacy rate for adult of the country is 97%. The literacy rate of males is 98.6% and of females is 97.68%.

The country has been rated as the 60th biggest export economy in the world. According to a report, Iran exports goods of worth $31.8 Billion and imports goods of worth $43.9 Billion. This results in a negative trade equity of $12.2 billion. According to a statement, the GDP of Iran is $393.4 billion and its GDP per capita is 5750 K. Iran B2B marketplace is flourishing in the online export platform because it has attained attention of many international buyers in the recent years.
Iran has the second greatest economy in the Middle East after Saudi Arabia. The state acts as both the manager of, and an important competitor in, the country’s economy. Management can be compound, and customer and employee preservation is often given choice over comfort of doing business.

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The Iranian government is searching foreign participants by using a new arrangement system contributing foreign participants more agreeable specification. However, Iran’s oil and gas sector will endure largely in the hands of the state, with constitutional defines on levels of foreign participation in the ambitious system. Iran’s economical, sufficient energy gives it a momentous competitive choice in the construction of metals and other industrial goods. As a result, heavy industry is fixed in Iran’s southern provinces close to its energy resources.

Iran has 54 airports, including 8 international airports which are managed by Iranian Airports Company. Iran’s navigation framework is in important need of investment, both in terms of its airports and air speedy. The country also has a railway chain known as Islamic Republic of Iran Railways (RAI), which is guarded by the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development. A boost in tourist and business visitors has led to plans for expenditures in airports. These plans adds a concern to increase the capacity of Tehran’s main airport 6-fold. Iran needs supplementary power generation and framework to engage its estimated economic growth, especially in energy-intensive industries.

Exporthub has given opportunity to Iranian manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers to become a market leader in the fierce international business competition. This agenda has not only advanced the economy on the whole but major industrial sectors are proliferating from day one. The online B2B marketplace has now become a famous trade hub for these manufacturers and this is the way its manufacturing industries are making business. Currently, Iran B2B marketplace is at the highest position in making huge profits.

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