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Country Wise Top Manufacturers

# Country Company Posted Date
2 Nigeria Busyminds Global Service 22-08-2019
3 Nigeria Headsung International Limited 22-08-2019
4 Nigeria Zedeans Synergy Limited 22-08-2019
5 Nigeria MAI Co., Limited 22-08-2019
6 Nigeria WORLDFIN ENTERPRISE +2348170186417 22-08-2019
8 Nigeria Best Way LTD 22-08-2019
9 Nigeria Sellforce Nigeria Limited 22-08-2019
10 Nigeria Prolific Consult Inc 22-08-2019
11 Nigeria Kay Kay Freeman Nig Ltd 22-08-2019
12 Nigeria Barry Lantern Oil And Gas Ltd 22-08-2019
13 Nigeria Coelaegis Stores Limited 22-08-2019
14 Nigeria Finishwell Global LTD 22-08-2019
15 Nigeria Nokapro Integerated Services Ltd 22-08-2019
16 Nigeria BH Grace Engineering Consult 22-08-2019
17 Nigeria Mention Top International Co., Ltd 22-08-2019
18 Nigeria PD Mobility Limited 22-08-2019
19 Nigeria CORAKENOCH NIG LTD 22-08-2019
20 Nigeria GIG Agro Resources Limited 22-08-2019
21 Nigeria Surelylifted Logistics 22-08-2019
22 Nigeria FASMOH ANDERSON NIG LTD 22-08-2019
23 Nigeria Wexin International Co. Ltd 22-08-2019
25 Nigeria Choice Techno -services Limited. 03-12-2019
26 Nigeria Nickfelly Company 03-12-2019
27 Nigeria CEDAR PLATFORM LIMITED 15-01-2020
29 Nigeria DAYTONA ROYAL UNIQUE LTD 15-01-2020
30 Nigeria Zeepad Craft Limited 15-01-2020
31 Nigeria United Palm Oil Nigeria Limited 15-01-2020
32 Nigeria Jeron Global Enterprise 15-01-2020
33 Nigeria Jobogus Foods Limited 15-01-2020
34 Nigeria Twin MM Costodian Intl Ltd 15-01-2020
35 Nigeria Great Taste Consulting 15-01-2020
36 Nigeria Visatenergy Ltd 15-01-2020
37 Nigeria Ariangrace Global Services Limited 15-01-2020
38 Nigeria Oyins22foods 15-01-2020
39 Nigeria GRACE VENTURE LTD 15-01-2020
40 Nigeria Fruity Fuds 15-01-2020
41 Nigeria Maine Foods 15-01-2020
42 Nigeria Sammie Hondens 15-01-2020
43 Nigeria Andy Consults Nig. Ltd 15-01-2020
44 Nigeria GE THEDGE NIG LTD 15-01-2020
45 Nigeria EXCETRA 15-01-2020
46 Nigeria Credence Global Enterprise 15-01-2020
47 Nigeria Danangel Trust And Investment Ltd 15-01-2020
48 Nigeria Limmycole 15-01-2020
49 Nigeria Dsj Investment 15-01-2020
50 Nigeria Promustardseed Intl Ltd 15-01-2020
51 Nigeria Precise Lighting 15-01-2020
52 Nigeria Agencies 15-01-2020
53 Nigeria 151 PRODUCTS LIMITED 15-01-2020
54 Nigeria TNERO NIGERIA LTD 15-01-2020
55 Nigeria Fingerlicking International Services Limited 15-01-2020
56 Nigeria Tabim Nig Ltd 15-01-2020
57 Nigeria HOLAREM NIGERIA LIMITED 15-01-2020
58 Nigeria First Source Investments Ltd 15-01-2020
59 Nigeria Miles Agro Farm 15-01-2020
60 Nigeria Momah Associates 15-01-2020
61 Nigeria Okada Group Of Companies Nigeria Ltd. 15-01-2020
62 Nigeria FAKELLIN NIGERIA LIMITED 15-01-2020
63 Nigeria Funcorcu Party Ltd 15-01-2020
64 Nigeria Sashong Investment Services Ltd 15-01-2020
65 Nigeria Tama Solutions Ltd. 15-01-2020
66 Nigeria Heritage Business Management And Co.Ltd 15-01-2020
67 Nigeria Palcorub Nigeria Limited 15-01-2020
68 Nigeria Dermaco Petroleum Allied Services Ltd 15-01-2020
69 Nigeria DE GYO Services Nigeria Ltd 15-01-2020
70 Nigeria Gozy-uche Invest. Com Nig Ltd 15-01-2020
71 Nigeria Timberlodge Building Services And Associ 15-01-2020
72 Nigeria Assalam Agro Services 15-01-2020
73 Nigeria MEWO NATURAL AGRIC 15-01-2020
74 Nigeria Jaysay Automobile Works 15-01-2020
75 Nigeria Ascent Trading Company Limited 15-01-2020
78 Nigeria Comfy Odunayo Nigeria Limited 15-01-2020
79 Nigeria Banky Trading Co. 15-01-2020
80 Nigeria Triple R Agro Export 15-01-2020
81 Nigeria Goody Goodies Agro Commodities Ltd 15-01-2020
82 Nigeria World Cargo Receiver Ltd 15-01-2020
83 Nigeria Crownbons Consulting Ltd 15-01-2020
84 Nigeria Agent James LLC 15-01-2020
85 Nigeria Akin Asphalt Inc. 15-01-2020
86 Nigeria GREEN PENDULUM LTD 15-01-2020
87 Nigeria MANIZU RESOURCES LIMITED 15-01-2020
88 Nigeria PetraSolid Ventures 15-01-2020
89 Nigeria Blackearth Concern 15-01-2020
90 Nigeria Speed Consults 15-01-2020
91 Nigeria Multiple Global Concerns Limited 15-01-2020
92 Nigeria Bentwise Nig 2326163winju Nig Ltd Rc 915695 15-01-2020
93 Nigeria Bla Bla 15-01-2020
94 Nigeria Lajufav Nigeria Limited 15-01-2020
95 Nigeria Onwuka 15-01-2020
96 Nigeria TradeBay Managers 15-01-2020
97 Nigeria Efexity Global Services Ltd 15-01-2020
98 Nigeria Royal Smooth Habour Ltd 15-01-2020
99 Nigeria Victransworld Enterprises Limited 15-01-2020
100 Nigeria THE REAL STANDARD LIMITED 15-01-2020

Nigeria B2B Marketplace – Connect with Leading Buyers, Manufacturers and Suppliers

If you are looking to break into Africa, Nigeria is the best and biggest marketplace for you to start your business venture. Nigeria is one of the most promising countries in terms of economic growth in the next decade as the country already has the biggest economy of Africa and has the world’s 49th largest export economy. Nigeria’s neighbouring countries are Niger, Benin, Cameroon and Chad. The oil and gas sector, as well as the agricultural sector, make up more than 80% of Nigeria’s economic income. The fast flourishing IT industry has also been a prime factor in the rise of the Nigerian economy in the past decade and it is only expected to grow exponentially in the future. Nigerian workers are highly motivated and skilled individuals capable of efficiently managing and completing tasks without much intervention from the management. They are eager to learn and improve in their performance and production due to their healthy self-critical attitude.

Nigeria is a market with rising unmet demands for basic goods and services. Therefore, the government has enforced several policies to instigate foreign investment. The Nigerian Commission Act for promoting investments ensures investors’ rights to repatriate 100% of dividends and profits and to own 100% of companies in all sectors except for oil & gas. The Nigerian government also provides incentives like free trade zones, status grants and offers tax relaxations to companies conducting research and development.

The agricultural sector amounts to 18% of the GDP and hires 1/3rd of the total workforce of Nigeria. More significant export products include wood, cocoa beans, chemicals, vehicles, petroleum and its products. India, the European Union, the United States of America, China, Japan and the United Kingdom have become Nigeria’s top long-time trade partners as the country continues to increase its oil and gas production.

In 2017, Nigeria exported $46.8B and imported $34.2B worth of goods and services, resulting in a positive trade balance of $12.7B with its main exports being crude petroleum and petroleum gas. Nigeria’s imports have declined from $47.3B in 2012 to $34.2B in 2017 with an annualized rate of -6.2%. Machinery including computer, petroleum, ships, vehicles, and textiles were the top imports for the country in 2017. According to the 2018 reports, the GDP rose to 397.30 billion USD from the previous 375.70 billion USD figure in 2017 indicating an increase of 5.74%. In the long-term, Nigeria’s GDP is projected to trend around 650.00 USD Billion in 2020, according to Trading Economics’ econometric models. ExportHub is a reliable B2B platform in Nigeria that can help your business flourish in this burgeoning market in Africa.

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